About Us

The ukactive Research Institute aims to build an evidence base for the use of exercise and physical activity programmes in the improvement of quality of life, and the prevention and management of disease. Our primary objective is to bridge the evidence gap between traditional laboratory based ‘exercise is medicine’ research and realworld interventions.

This is achieved by conducting research assessing the effectiveness of interventions on directly-measured physical activity levels, clinically-relevant markers of cardiovascular and metabolic health, mental well-being, economic development and other core variables across a variety of real-world settings.

The Institute is in a unique position to disseminate data collected and the key messages gathered to those at the coal face of health and physical activity delivery. ukactive has a network of over 4,000 members and stakeholders, and is in a position to communicate findings to those members, creating real impact.

How We Support our Members

We provide a number of services for members, the main categories for which are:

›› Research and Evaluation

›› Data and Insight

›› Business Performance Benchmarking

›› Local Authority

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ukactive Research Institute
4th and 5th floor,
26-28 Bedford Row,

T 020 7400 8621
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E research@ukactive.org.uk

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