ukactive Research Institute


The Research Institute aims to bridge the evidence gap between traditional laboratory based ‘exercise is medicine’ research and real world interventions.

This is achieved by conducting research assessing the effectiveness of interventions on directly measured physical activity levels, clinically relevant markers of cardiovascular and metabolic health, and other core variables in real world interventions.

The ukactive Research Institute conducts research that is publishable in a peer-reviewed journal, will constitute the basis of a major policy report/insight document, or will produce otherwise strategically relevant data. Engagement with Local Authorities presents the opportunity to influence health policy and place physical inactivity on other policy agendas.

Vision and Objectives


Impact: To make a tangible and clinically significant impact on the health of the UK population.

Methods: To facilitate the capture and dissemination of data relating to all forms of physical activity in all environments.

Strategic Objectives

To achieve our vision the following strategic objectives need to be delivered:

  • To engage with partner organisations to secure large grants to further investigate real world physical activity interventions.
  • To engage with the physical activity sector to encourage best practice in data capture, management and dissemination, to ensure greater public and policymaker confidence in physical activity interventions.
  • To publish academic articles and address academic conferences. 
  • To use its unique position as the hub of the physical activity sector to disseminate data and key learnings to practitioners, operators policymakers, local government and health agencies, and thereby to ensure the real world and policy impacts of its research activity.

Progress To Date

  • Formal partnerships with 6 universities.
  • Over 100,000 participants involved in our Research and Evaluation projects. 

Our Partners