Coca-Cola Great Britain ParkLives Evaluation

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Parklives aims to get more people active through a series of free outdoor activities being run in parks. 

ukactive's Role

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The ukactive Research Institute plays a lead role in the evaluation of the scheme which includes key questions:

  • Has Parklives been successful in engaging less active people and people from “hard to reach” groups where there are the biggest issues with health inequalities?
  • Length of time retained: Do people retain an interest in engaging with Parklives over a period of time?
  • More People, More Active? Does engaging with Parklives generally support people to get more active i.e. is there a proven pathway to continued activity in other activities outside of Parklives?
  • Has it made people happier?
  • Use of parks and open spaces: As a result of engaging with Parklives, are people making more use out of local parks and open spaces?

Year 2 Evaluation 

Key findings

2015 saw the second year ParkLives delivery. Six local authorities took part in delivering over 9,000 hours of programmed, supervised, and free activities throughout parks in Birmingham, London Borough of Newham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Manchester, and Nottingham. 

The total participant attendance during Year 2 was 135,960 with a total unique participation of 76,472. In total free activity was delivered in 145 parks across the country. 

Just under three quarters of recorded participants were non-disabled and inactive (exercising less than one day a week). Data suggest the online presence was highly effective in reaching inactive populations. 

Previous research, and our own community engagement polling, indicates that the availability of parks and open space does not guarantee either park usage or community physical activity participation. Motivators for participation include the delivery of structured activities that can be taken part in with friends and family members of all ages. In addition targeted and localised promotion is required to raise awareness of community based programing. 

ParkLives has grown substantially during the second year of delivery. 2016 sees even greater growth with four new local authorities involved in the programme, along with a new partnership with StreetGames, bringing ParkLives to around 35 additional communities as part of its doorstep sports clubs. 

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