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The ukactive Research hub gathers relevant research and studies focusing on the impact of physical activity and exercise. The content has been designed to assist all those who have a role to play, or who have a stake, in getting more people, more active, more often.  If you have a resource which you think would be a suitable addition to this page please contact the Research Institute with details for review.



What works

 Identifying what works for local inactivity interventions

An evidence-based approach for national and local action to address the physical inactivity epidemic. 


What worksEverybody active, every day: what works - the evidence

An evidence-based approach for national and local action to address the physical inactivity epidemic. 


Everybody ActiveEverybody active, every day: an evidence-based approach to physical activity 

An evidence-based approach for national and local action to address the physical inactivity epidemic.

Generation InactiveGeneration Inactive

ukactive Kids report that establishes the state of the challenge ahead and highlights how little grip we currently have on the scale of the problem of childhood inactivity. It explores the current understanding of children's physical activity in Primary Schools and ivestigates the measures that are uses to track the activity and fitness levels of pupils. 

Steps to solving inactivity

New findings and compelling evidence on what is needed to solve the inactivity epidemic in the UK.


Start Active Stay Active

The UK Chief Medical Officers report on physical activity - promoting a minimum of 5 x 30 minutes physical activity each week including resistance training.


Turning the Tide of inactivity

ukactive report establishing the scale and impact of physical inactivity in the UK in comparison to other top tier public health risks.



ACSM Position Stands

The American College of Sports Medicine issues free to access position stands in which they present what is, in their eyes, the most relevant information on key topic areas in Sports Medicine.


Sport and Exercise Medicine – A fresh approach

Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine document produced as part of a programme to promote Sport and Exercise Medicine in the NHS



Pedersen & Saltin

A comprehensive review of the evidence for prescribing exercise as therapy in chronic disease. For each chronic disease reviewed the background is explained and the impact of exercise upon the pathogenesis, diagnosis, physical fitness / strength and quality of life of those suffering with the condition and the condition itself.



Physical activity counselling

Physical activity counselling has been proposed as a method of increasing physical activity levels and other associated lifestyle behaviours. Below is a call to action, outlining the way in which physical activity counselling can be delivered. Additionally there is an example of how the 5 As counselling process that has previously been successful in smoking cessation can be translated into physical activity promotion.



Coronary heart disease in transport workers - Jerry Morris

Jerry Morris was famously one of the first scientists to associate a physically active lifestyle with reduced cardiovascular risk - demonstrated in transport workers in London. 


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