Data and Insight

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Capturing, sharing and analysing data in new ways can transform how our sector develops and how we continue to make decisions. Through the use and manipulation of data ukactive aims to provide comprehensive market insight and generate bespoke consumer intelligence to support your business performance.

We can work closely with you to make the important shift from collecting to connecting data revealing valuable new insight. Using this data-driven approach, we can develop evidenced-based recommendations and strategic advice designed to achieve your strategic business priorities such as improving retention and growing your membership base.

Our team of data and industry experts will provide advice and support on what a high-quality data set should look like, and how to extract crucial information to drive business performance.

Consumer Insight

We use the latest consumer research from ukactive’s Flame panel to generate bespoke consumer intelligence which can support your business. Our current database relates to 19,000+ current members at over 100 leisure centres and health clubs - both private and public - around the UK. 

In addition to providing bespoke reports based on our expansive gym user survey data, our members can commission a whole series of questions as part of a standalone project or a single question as part of a larger omnibus depending on individual needs and objectives. The full service package will include question design, data processing and insightful analysis. This service provides a way of conducting research to quickly and cost-effectively capture the views of the UK leisure centre and health club market.


Consumer Insight Analytics

Our team of analytics specialists can provide insight into many of the key factors effecting member retention rates and growth. This is a specialist analytics consultancy service tailor-made for your business. Using data collected through your existing CRM system, key trends in membership demographics, member behaviour and profitability will be revealed. The service is fully tailored to your needs and therefore suitable for a wide range of business models. 

Tools to deliver innovative insight solutions tailored to help improve business performance:

Customer Landscaping - Through identification of current member trends we can identify target members, ascertain the needs of these members, and understand how your current product satisfies these needs.

Lifetime Value Mapping - Reveal how much a member relationship is worth. LTVM is a powerful tool which is useful in considering member acquisition processes as well as selecting optimal service levels to provide to different member groups.

Customer Segmentation - Tailor your relationship with your customers in order to increase retention rates and optimise the value of each customer to the business.

Predictive Modelling - Predictive analytics will enable the use big data (both stored and real-time) to move from a historical view to a forward-looking perspective of the customer. Insight goes beyond basic demographics and member behaviour in order to develop a deep understanding of historical data in order to predict the impact future interventions may have on business performance.

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