Business Performance Benchmarking

The ukactive benchmarking service provides operators within the health, fitness and leisure industries with a free and unique insight into the performance of their facilities against the industry average. 

This service is available to all ukactive members and currently has over 500 sites submitting data across private, public and council facilities.

How does it work?

Participating operators submit data on a monthly basis to the benchmarking platform hosted by DataHub. Data can be submitted either manually or through automated uploads. The database is entirely de-personalised and anonymised, and there is no need to be a member of the DataHub to take part.

Independent quarterly and annual reports are produced for the sector. 

What metrics are measured?

The data that is submitted is used to calculate five key metrics. 

  1.   Attrition rate
  2.   Membership movement rate
  3.   Joiner rate
  4.   Membership yield
  5.   Average length of membership

These metrics form the basis of operator dashboards and reports, which allow operators to compare their performance against the industry average. These reports can be filtered by categories such as region, operator size and site type. This enables operators to make data-driven decisions to improve business performance. 

What are the benefits?

- Access to a secure online platform for uploading data and viewing dashboards and reports

- Oversight from leading international advisory and accountancy organisation Mazars to ensure professional integrity and indemnity is maintained

- Insight into how the performance of facilities compares to the industry average and other providers

- Analysis of market share and comparison of trends

- Understanding of participation rates and seasonal impacts

- Ability to build a historic database of activity to track performance over time

- Access to quarterly and annual insight reports detailing the key findings and trends from that period

To register please visit or click here.

For more information please contact Lizzie Broughton, Insight Manager on:

T: 020 7400 8621

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